Chemical peel

Chemical peels speed up the skin’s natural cell renewal rate, sloughing off the dead and damaged skin to reveal new, healthy skin beneath. They are well researched and SAFE!

A chemical solution is applied to the skin that causes mild damage to the outer layer of the dermis. Contrary to popular belief, nothing is peeled off the skin; the solution stays on. The “peeling” refers to the peeling-off of dead skin cells. Side effects range from light redness and swelling to crusting, blisters, and flaking depending on the type of peel treatment..

Frequently asked questions
Chemical peels work by speeding up this process, encouraging faster removal of the dead cells, thus revealing young, healthy skin. We offer peels in different strengths in order to best suit your individual needs to treat various concerns. During your chemical peel consultation, we will discuss your underlying conditions and select the right chemical peel formulation for your skin
From environmental damage, sun damage, cuts, bruises, and general aging, our skin can take a beating! Luckily, our skin is able to repair itself and goes through a natural cycle of renewal. Old skin dies off and new skin is formed beneath, eventually making its way to the surface. As we age, the rate at which our skin renews itself slows down, meaning a cell takes longer to die, dead skin takes longer to slough off, and new skin takes longer to be revealed. Our skin’s ability to hold moisture also diminishes. As a result, damage is much more apparent and takes longer to heal and wrinkles form.
After the solution is applied the skin will feel hot but it does not hurt, this feeling last 3 to 5 minutes. It will feel like a sunburn and we will cooled down the skin with cold water or icepacks at the end of the treatment.
You might experience a stinging sensation, these symptoms will fade after a few hours. The type and strength of the peel will dictate how long the skin will peel, usually it takes three to five days for the skin to peel off before the new pink skin underneath arises. You might experience breakouts during recovery, this is natural because your outer skin layers are no longer blocking your pores
The number of peels required to see results depends on the condition being treated and the strength of the peel. Improvements will be seen after each peel.
Resurfacing Chemical Peel