Carbon Correcting Laser Peel

Often referred to as the “Hollywood Facial,” the carbon facial peel (CFP) is a revolutionary laser treatment which delivers the benefits of intense skin rejuvenation procedures, without the discomfort or downtime typically associated with such treatments. The carbon facial peel allows you to save time and money while realizing the same results.

CFP Is the latest non-ablative skin rejuvenation procedure, providing the most effective treatment for enlarged pores. It is effective for treating inflamed acne, melasma, and enlarged pores and improves skin tone, texture, and elasticity, with the added benefits of reversing sun damaged skin, mild acne scarring, age spots, and freckles.


  • Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, fine lines and textural irregularities
  • Improves overall skin tone
  • Gold Standard treatment to shrink enlarged pores
  • Reduces clogged pores
  • Reduces stubborn acne and diminishes excess oil production
  • Refreshes a dull complexion creating a fresh youthful looking glowing skin
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Safe for all skin types and effective for all types of acne
  • Can be used in combination with other treatments
  • Safe and pain free treatment with no down time
Frequently asked questions
When performing the laser treatment, a layer of carbon lotion is applied to the entire face and allowed to dry over a period of 10 minutes. The Nd:Yag Q-Switched laser is used to heat and blast off the carbon particles. The laser light is absorbed by the carbon lotion, focusing the laser energy on the epidermis. As the laser moves across the skin, the carbon lotion is gently removed, exfoliating the skin & removing debris in pores. The treatment minimizes pore sizes, and the thermal effect of the laser stimulates collagen renewal. After the treatment, your skin will be cleansed and a moisturizer or sunscreen is applied.
No, the treatment is non-invasive and gentle, most people describe the sensation as a warm, tingling feeling. The treatment normally takes about 45 minutes (please allow an extra 15 minutes for your consultation).
A visible difference should be noticed with one individual treatment, however a series consisting of 4-6 treatments with 2-4 week intervals (depending on your skin type or concerns) is advised for maximum results. As the CC peel treatment gives an instant improvement to skin tone and texture, some people like to have a single session to have glowing skin before a big event or night out.
You will see a reduction in pore size, fine lines and blemishes. The overall appearance of the skin will be improved and rejuvenated, giving a more youthful appearance. The skin is often slightly pink immediately following the treatment, but this subsides after a few hours, and makeup or sunscreen may be applied directly after the treatment.
There is no restriction to daily activities after the treatment. It is advised to stay away from excessive sun exposure during the treatment period. Make-up can be applied after the treatment; aesthetic products for acne, hyper pigmentation, or wrinkles can be applied the following day.
Carbon Correcting Laser Peel