Dermaplaning is a form of exfoliation where a surgical grade, sterile, #10 scalpel blade is carefully stroked along the skin at a gentle angle to effectively “shave off” dead skin cells. Some superficial blackheads are often also removed with this same technique.

Dermaplaning will temporarily remove the fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) of the face, leaving you with a very smooth face perfectly prepped for your makeup. The removal of dead skin cells allows for your Alumier MD, or other home care products to be more effectively absorbed. Frequent derma-planing treatments when paired with our other spa services, like Laser, HydraFacial or Chemical Peels can reduce the appearance of fine lines, even out skin tone, and assist in clearing up minor breakouts associated with congested pores.

!Dermaplaning is a 100% pregnancy safe!

Benefits of dermapplaning

  • Increases absorption and the efficacy of the active ingredients to penetrate more efficiently into the deeper layers of the skin.
  • Promotes smoother skin
  • Removes soft facial hair “peach fuzz” that traps dirt and oil, which allows make up application to be smoother.
  • The removal of the outer layer of the epidermis significantly reduces clogged pores as well as enhanced penetration of the topical products
  • Reduces fine lines by triggering a higher rate of cellular turnover and an increase in the production of collagen
  • Produces immediate results with no downtime
Frequently asked questions
Using a surgical blade, our Medical Aesthetician abrades the surface of the skin. This procedure removes the outer layers of the dead skin cells leaving the skin feeling smooth, supple and vibrant.
There have been many misconceptions regarding the removal of peach fuzz. Removing peach fuzz (Vellus Hair) will NOT create darker, coarse hair (Terminal Hair) but rather helps to remove build up of dirt and oils in the follicles.
Dermaplaning will suit most skin types including sensitive, although if you are suffering from active and inflamed breakouts we do suggest treating this before getting Dermaplaning performed.
It’s not painful at all, think of it like shaving any other part of your body. It can be done on it’s own or in combination with other treatments such as facials and chemical peels. Dermaplaning is an excellent choice to include in a personalized treatment plan to improve the health of your skin.
You will be able to see results after the first treatment, since this is a deeply exfoliating treatment we recommend waiting at least a month between appointments.

There is no downtime for this treatment. However, for clients that have sensitive skin or more reactive skin types, there may be a pink hue to their skin post-treatment. Any treatment that stimulates the skin may cause irritation.

If this is your first treatment, or the first in a while (more than two months), purging (small breakouts) of the skin may appear. Long-term, this is amazing for preventing clogged pores and breakouts, leaving your skin smooth and clear. The good news, however, is that the purging effect on your skin is temporary. Once these pimples have cleared up, your skin will look healthier and clearer than ever. (Please see post-treatment care).

With any extractions, some swelling in the areas that are treated can take place. If you do not wish to have any extractions (especially prior to an event), It is advised to let the Medical Aesthetician aware of this prior to the treatment.

We recommend the use of sunscreen post-treatment, regardless of the time of year, as harmful UV rays are present even during the winter months. UV rays are also present with the use of technology such as cell phones, computer screens and televisions.

If your skin begins to experience small breakouts, this is completely normal. Be sure not to pick your skin as it may cause more irritation and use a gentle cleanser twice a day. We provide a complimentary 15 minute microdermabrasion treatment following a brief inspection of your skin’s condition.